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Irradiance: Images of Coherent Light

“...some of the most astonishing abstract photography made in recent times. Words do little justice in describing the myriad patterns of light formations exploding--like fireworks--or contracting--like galaxies too close to black holes--up and down the surface of the prints. Spirals, clusters, wave formations, ripples, striations, and other light patterns sketched the paths of photons, released from the laser’s uniformity in a celebratory dance of kinetic dynamism. Confounded by a lack of scale, these images could be read as time exposures of celestial bodies, free-floating nebula, or mysterious light beings. Or, perhaps, the scale is microcosmic, and we are just now seeing how sub-atomic particles behave, cutting across dark matter with surgical precision. It is easy to let the imagination run wild when viewing these photographs; they certainly had a lot to offer, in this regard, in terms of suggestive qualities. The contrasting light patterns against the deep black backgrounds activated and heightened the visual experience and opened up a world of possibilities. Possibilities brought about by Daniel’s explorations--in darkrooms and in laboratories--of the convergence of art and science, where creative discoveries are found and made; discoveries that ultimately enhance and celebrate the two disciplines.” - Kane Stewart

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