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These photographs are made with a technique I invented utilizing optical setups to create abstract photography. They capture the unique patterns and forms of coherent electromagnetic radiation using photographic materials. I call these images Irradiations, for to irradiate means to cast light upon.


My intention is to create imagery which is open to the imposition of each viewer's psyche. As such, it is meant both as a literal image of cast light and to suggest that viewers should cast their own light upon the image to find a unique and personal meaning.

Chemical Paintings



These paintings are made on B&W photographic paper by manipulating exposure to sunlight along with the controlled application of developing and fixing agents. This causes the chemicals within the emulsion to shift in color and tone. What is amazing about this process is that, unlike traditional painting, there is no application of color, but rather the creation of color by manipulating elemental states.

Pixel Abstractions



These images are captured using a digital sensor and a laser light source. The speckle from the light source is able to confuse the algorithm interpreting the sensor data. As a result the final images are simultaneously pictures of light and the algorithm which interprets it. 


Projected Paintings



With this project I investigate the chemical basis for color at the microscopic scale through the use of Lantern Slides. Each image is painted on a 5x5 cm Dichromated Gelatin plate with a technique similar to my Chemical Paintings. The chromium is an ideal medium since it has a wide array of colors among its oxidation states. It is stunning to see every nuance of the forms and colors the chemical reactions create in these abstractions when enlarged with projection.


Inner Visages



This project elucidates how light can be used to reveal the inner aspects of people's personas




I am fascinated by the potential for painting within analogue photography. These Images are enlargements of 8x10 film camera-lessly painted with light. I then paint the prints with developer to add an additional level of detail within the blacks. Through this method I am able to incorporate both the macroscopic and microscopic elements of photography into an artistic fusion.

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